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Ready to help more clients using the only web-based version of PCOMS included in SAMSHA’s National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices?
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What’s New at MyOutcomes?

version 15
Spring Release

Includes new features based on feedback from our user group and leading authorities in the field.
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Take your practice to the next level

FIT eLearning is a new and accelerated way to learn and implement Feedback-Informed Treatment using PCOMS evidence based practice.
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MyOutcomes® Implementation Offer

50% Discount for Agencies willing to Commit
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MyOutcomes® Mobile was designed for smart phones and tablets, providing a simplified version of MyOutcomes that clients can downloaded for free on iTunes or Google Play. With all of the client administration options now available, online administration of the ORS/CORS and SRS/CSRS/GSRS for multiple clients at the same time is now feasible.
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FIT eLearning allows you to engage with Dr. Scott D. Miller in a personable one on one fashion from your phone, tablet or computer and includes 12 INTERACTIVE lessons organized around a set of 4 core competencies developed by Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. and colleagues at the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE). It can be purchased online for $179 per person. Additional pricing discounts are available on offline annual subscription purchases.
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MyOutcomes® Connect allows the MyOutcomes application to be integrated into other Electronic Health Record applications. With MyOutcomes Connect you can administer the measures, receive the Expected Treatment Response and other Client Statistics, as well add new clients, skip or delete a session and deactivate/ reactivate clients all from within your EHR. Custom quotes required.
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Health Masters is a virtual, facilitated, and interactive workshop carried out during lunch hours in the workplace for seven weeks. Tailored to train participants to improve their mental health, participants gain valuable mental health strategies and skills in a non-judgmental, encouraging, and supportive environment. Minimal work is required on the employer’s part to host a Health Masters workshop.
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