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When MyOutcomes tools used together with the skills of therapist/counsellor increases effectiveness by 42%:

Our tools:

  • Measures progress towards therapeutic goals session-by-session
  • Measuring engagement in the therapeutic process
  • Helps clinicians stay up to date through accredited e-learning

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mental well being - myoutcomes

mental well being - myoutcomes

Why MyOutcomes® is Absolutely Essential

The truth is, without a proven measuring tool, therapeutic success is uncertain.

MyOutcomes® standardized tools were established to monitor whether a therapeutic treatment is effective. Measuring these results can assist both the client and clinician through the treatment process.

Client and therapist can track progress over time, giving clients the motivation to continue treatment while celebrating progress. MyOutcomes® measurement tools also benefit councillors or therapists by the ability to measure outcomes over a longer period, which allows the client or clinician to tweak the course of therapy and garner better results.

Hard at work
The Gold Standard Outcome Tracking and Reporting System

FIT eLearning: Take your practice to the next level
Best In-Class Training and Practitioner Onboarding

FIT eLearning is a new, accelerated, way to learn and implement Feedback-Informed Treatment. Based on the ground-breaking PCOMS evidence-based practice, FIT eLearning is designed to help you gain capabilities and confidence regardless of learning style.

Now is the time to Measure success

As a clinical professional, a client’s success is integral to your success. It is no surprise that clinicians are loaded with skills in building trust, empathizing, and teaching their clients how to better their lives. These skills are extremely important for bettering mental health and are needed now more than ever. Don’t leave anything on the table, you already put so much into your client’s relationships, so why not consider using a scientifically validated measuring tool to ensure your hard work pays off?

Whether you are a Large Health Agency, or a Sole Practitioner now is the time to reach out to the MyOutcomes® team and set up your Free Trial today!

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