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10 Years
20 Languages
28 Countries
1000s of Users
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MyOutcomes, the leading web-based version of PCOMS, simplifies in person and telehealth outcome reporting,providing real-time feedback to inform and improve care.

mental well being - myoutcomes

mental well being - myoutcomes

The Gold Standard Outcome Tracking and Reporting System

  • Powerful Reporting Options

    Real-time outcome-tracking tool with powerful predictive analytical tools. Dashboards with interactive graphs, case alerts, and key performance indicators.

  • End-to-end implementation solution

    We pair you with a seasoned FIT Trainer and provide the tools and practical advice you need to be successful, including on demand training in Feedback-Informed Treatment.

  • Simple, effective surveys

    Easy administration of the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS/CORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS/CSRS/GSRS) in 20 languages.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

    Add more providers or programs as you go. Works with all kinds of clients in all kinds of settings. Customize to match your culture and organizational structure.

  • Security and compliance

    SSL encryption keeps client data safe. Fully compliant and in alignment with Canada, United States, and European Union security and privacy regulations.

  • Designed for complete integration

    HL7 user and client integration options. Our team offers customization support to increase operational efficiencies.

FIT eLearning: Take your practice to the next level
Best In-Class Training and Practitioner Onboarding

FIT eLearning is a new, accelerated, way to learn and implement Feedback-Informed Treatment. Based on the ground-breaking PCOMS evidence-based practice, FIT eLearning is designed to help you gain capabilities and confidence regardless of learning style.

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