A 21st Century Application for 21st Century Behavioral Healthcare

As the world comes closer together, its diversity becomes more apparent. Businesses can respond to these differences – by ignoring them and developing a one-size fits all mindset or building a psychology of flexibility that enables it to embrace diversity – which is the path MyOutcomes® has taken to better respond to what our customers need, instead of expecting them to conform to what we offer.

MyOutcomes® guiding philosophy of ongoing innovation has led to the development of the following four versions of MyOutcomes®:


MyOutcomes® Pro offers single or multi-year subscriptions. Every MyOutcomes® subscription includes unlimited ORS and SRS administrations, multi-level access and advanced client outcome management tools. MyOutcomes® offers integration with electronic health records, customized training and consultation packages. Read more


MyOutcomes®FIT can also be conveniently purchased online for up to twenty providers and includes 12 documented online psychotherapy training hours on the basics of Feedback-Informed Treatment. Read more


MyOutcomes® Connect is a streamlined version that allows users to administer the ORS and SRS from their E.H.R. No PHI is stored on the MyOutcomes® database and client responses and predicted scores are sent back to the EHR for analysis and reporting. Read more


MyOutcomes® Global is ideal for national or international healthcare organizations. With MyOutcomes® Global the entire MyOutcomes® application is installed on the user’s server and no annual subscription is required. Read more

MyOutcomes® Products Details

MyOutcomes® Pro is designed for use in agencies and offers multilevel access and advanced client outcome management tools for administrators, supervisors and clinicians. Every MyOutcomes® account includes supervisor, administrator and owner tools and comes with unlimited ORS and SRS administrations. Annual subscriptions are based only on the number of providers who will be carrying a client caseload.

MyOutcomes® is available by annual subscription, ranging from $104 to $204 per provider, per year. Custom quotes are available for research projects and for accredited teaching institutions. Additionally, training discounts of up to 50% are available on two and three year contracts. Contact MyOutcomes® to request a quote. Note: Please discuss with your Account Manager as some conditions apply to this offer.

MyOutcomes® Integration Services are also available with your MyOutcomes® subscription. These services are designed to facilitate specific management areas in large agencies and organizations. The following four services can be easily incorporated into existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other similar platforms:
Client Integration is ideal for agencies with large amounts of clients being added or removed from their system. This service simplifies entering/updating client information in the user’s EHR and in MyOutcomes®. With the click of a button, personal client data entered into the organization’s EHR can be easily transferred into the provider’s MyOutcomes® account. This allows the provider to focus on administering sessions, rather than entering personal data.
Client Data Integration is perfect for agencies wishing to view client data/reports in one place in their EHR and/or keep a copy of client data on their own server. It can be customized to transfer data for individual clients as needed or to create bulk transfers at a preset time and date.
User Integration is ideal for agencies that have a large number of providers to manage. Combining this service with Client Integration can help reduce the time investment of supervisors and administrators in their client/provider management.
Single Sign On gives the user a feeling that they are working in only one system. After logging into their EHR account, the user can access their MyOutcomes® account with a single click, without any additional login steps. This service can be used separately or combined with other services.

MyOutcomes® FIT Online Subscriptions are available annually for up to 20 providers – 11-20 is $219.95; 1-10 is $229.95. Each online subscription to MyOutcomes® includes 12 documented online psychotherapy training hours on the basics of Feedback-Informed Treatment.

MyOutcomes® Connect enables agencies that want to use only one system, but still want to use MyOutcomes® algorithms. The user administers the ORS and SRS to the client on the original system, e.g. E.H.R. Client details and scores are sent to MyOutcomes® service in the backend. MyOutcomes® calculates results, feedback and client predictive scores and sends them back to the original system.

MyOutcomes® Global offers the MyOutcomes® functionality, all from the user’s server. It is ideal for large national and international organizations, e.g. government, academic, etc. It is a standalone application that uses MyOutcomes® algorithms with the organization’s client data to create predictive scores unique to the organization’s specific client population.

On Track Training Program is an implementation training program that includes live consultations and technical support, supplemented with video eLearning modules by Dr. Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. The 4 hour On Track program (a value of $1000) is valid for all new subscriptions with 5 providers or more.

FIT eLearning allows you to engage with Dr. Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. in a personable one-on-one fashion from your phone, tablet or computer. It includes 12 interactive lessons organized around a set of 4 core competencies developed by Dr. Miller and colleagues at the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE). It can be purchased online for $179 per person. Additionally, for easy access, FIT eLearning, when purchased with MyOutcomes®, can be integrated at no cost into the provider home screen.

MyOutcomes® Mobile was designed for smartphones and tablets, providing a simplified version of MyOutcomes® that clients can download for free on iTunes or Google Play. MyOutcomes® Mobile is currently being updated to include Provider access to a simplified version of the Provider home screen, a link to MyOutcomes® web application for full access to all features. Most importantly with the new release, offline administration of the ORS and SRS will be available for Providers as well as clients. With all of the client administration options now available, online administration of the ORS/ CORS and SRS/CSRS/GSRS for multiple clients at the same time is feasible. Please note, a subscription to MyOutcomes® is required.

To review these with our staff or to receive a custom quote, contact MyOutcomes®.