Our History

For more than 20 years MyOutcomes® team has been dedicated to developing innovations in applied behavioral sciences. Our award-winning team has pioneered the use of intuitive multimedia technology for elearning, Web 2.0 social groups, advanced reporting metrics and other tools designed to enhance health sciences.

In 2008, MyOutcomes® pioneered the first web-based version of the trans-theoretical Outcome and Session Rating Scales for use in the monitoring and reporting of behavioral healthcare services. MyOutcomes® was driven by our belief that mental health practitioners need innovative and practical solutions to help them provide superior care to their clients.

We developed MyOutcomes® to arm practitioners with a valid and reliable tool with a demonstrated ability to strengthen client engagement in the clinical setting, increase the number of successful outcomes, and reduce early drop out.

Today, MyOutcomes® is successfully implemented in a wide variety of service settings with diverse clinical populations all over the world. It has an international client base that includes divisions of the U.S. military, government-funded agencies, and some of the world’s largest behavioral-health organizations.


  • 2008 -2011

    Partnership with Scott Miller and Barry Duncan; MyOutcomes® research & development.

  • 2011

    MyOutcomes V.9 The first PCOMS Web-based outcomes management system with algorithms based on Average Treatment Response.

  • 2014

    MyOutcomes v.10 Partnership with Bruce Wampold, Scott Miller, Takuya Minami and Jesse Owen new advanced behavioral algorithms with more individualized predictive outcomes.

  • Spring 2015

    MyOutcomes® V.15 Advanced reporting functions; Remote Client Access; Group Session Rating Scale; 20 New Languages.

  • Fall 2015

    FIT eLearning Release and Streamline EHR Integration Release

  • Spring 2016

    On Track Program for Successful Implementation Release

  • Fall 2016

    MyOutcomes® Mobile Released on iTunes and Google Play

  • 2017

    FIT Deliberate Practice elearning Released

  • 2018

    FIT eLearning receives CE credits

Our Truth

Our values guide our continued development of MyOutcomes®.
We believe that they are integral to keeping us focused on helping mental health professionals to be successful.


Mental health can be enhanced and supported through PCOMS evidence-based approach using Feedback-Informed Treatment(FIT).

Customer-driven, Client-centric

The best approach to the development of effective and powerful clinical tools begins and ends with meeting the needs of healthcare practitioners and their clients.

Educate, Enlighten, Inform

Tools and innovation are great, but they are nothing without means to use them. We are dedicated to providing the right education that is empowering and confidence-building.

Partners For Life

As allies of healthcare practitioner it’s our duty to promote best practices in the behavioral sciences. We are your partners in this journey, and we’re committed to delivering the support you need to help your clients move confidently toward improved mental, emotional and social well-being.

Meet our Client Service Team

We bring passion, knowledge and commitment to MyOutcomes® and our customers!
With over 200 years of combined experience and expertise in the healthcare industry,
we’re here to make a real difference.

Cindy Hansen, BA-Psych, HHP

Senior Clinical Director

A critical contributor to our evolution since our inception, Cindy is a powerful voice in outcomes-based therapy practices and the driving force behind many MyOutcomes® innovations. Her passion and commitment have created a global network of practitioners and thought leaders who she continually empowers to provide the insights necessary to evolve MyOutcomes® into the industry Gold Standard. As the first female certified FIT trainer, after more than 10 years she still remains passionate about providing healthcare providers and their clients with a premium client experience.

Karl A. Peuser, MA, PhD.

Director, Research & Security

Karl was a recipient of the Research Society on Alcoholism’s Junior Investigator Award. With a background in experimental psychobiology, he’s conducted research on the physiological basis of learning and memory, developmental neurobehavioural toxicology, alcohol use and abuse in college age students, and harm reduction programs for infants and young children. He has taught more than 20 different university/college-level course over a 20-year time span. Since 2013, Karl has led our HIPAA, PIPEDA and GDPR compliance protocols and security for MyOutcomes®.

Shauna Paynter, BSc, MA

Clinical Director

A Registered Clinical Counsellor with more than 16 years of experience working with children, adolescents, families and groups, Shauna brings a wealth of expertise and insight to MyOutcomes® and our clients. Her many years experience as an educator informs her connection with every MyOutcomes® client. She works tirelessly to provide you with the right information, at the right time, to arm you and your team with the necessary tools and resources to implement feedback informed solutions into your agency, organization or practice.

Laura Knight

Customer Care Manager

Laura is the go-to Customer Care Manager for all things MyOutcomes®! Having spent more than 15 years working in the Behaviour Health Field, Laura is a dedicated and informed support for our clients. She has consulted with organizations and agencies around the world to help them adopt and support MyOutcomes® as their Feedback-Informed Treatment model.

Jeanne Brown

Customer Care Manager

A life-long advocate of mental health and well-being, Jeanne has been dedicated to this sector for more than 10 years. Knowledgeable and committed, Jeanne’s primarily focus is helping mental health agencies and institutions adopt Feedback-Informed outcomes as a standard in their organization.

Farida Contractor, B.Com, CHRP

Chief Technology Officer

Farida brings more than 25 years experience leading and implementing a multitude of large information technology (IT) and software development projects. She previously worked on the development team at Winfax, the first digital fax software. Her leadership skills and commitment to service excellence are an invaluable resource in helping to guide MyOutcomes® global growth.

Christian Stocker, B.Sc.

Technical Support Manager

As senior software engineer, Christian’s extensive programming experience in health-science projects has helped him earn a strong reputation for building and maintaining bug-free, user-friendly software. Working in both PHP and .NET languages, he has created numerous custom web applications for Health Factor clients, while demonstrating a commitment to providing MyOutcomes® users with world-class technical support.

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