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MyOutcomes® is a product of Health Factors, a company focused on the development of applied behavioral sciences using innovations that include distance education technology and social media platforms, for the purpose of advancing mental health.

Since 2000, Health Factors’ award-winning team has pioneered the use of intuitive multimedia technology for e-learning, Web 2.0 social groups, and online tools that are enhancing health sciences. Its MyOutcomes product has an international client base that includes divisions of the U.S. military, government-funded agencies, and some of the world’s largest behavioral-health organizations.

Since 2007, Health-Factors has utilized MyOutcomes®, evidence-based, trans-theoretical scales for monitoring the quality and outcome of behavioral healthcare services and has been successfully implemented in a wide variety of service settings, with diverse clinical populations, all over the world.

In 2016, Health-Factors launched MyOutcomes® Version 15. MyOutcomes® V15 includes important changes to benchmarking and reporting features. The most impactful changes with this release are the move from an expected treatment response based on average client progress to a new more clinically significant equation that predicts and reports treatment outcomes by comparing individual client responses to both successful and unsuccessful treatment episodes.

MyOutcomes® V16, not only retains the power of the ORS and the SRS in the clinical setting, but also advances that power several notches. In the time it takes for the average person to inhale and exhale twelve times, the therapist can administer the ORS/CORS or the SRS/CSRS/GSRS in twenty different languages and have their client’s score plotted on a graph for immediate integration into the therapeutic session.

When data from the scales is integrated into clinical practice through Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT), multiple Randomized Clinical Trials (RCTs) have demonstrated a doubling in the effectiveness of treatment while simultaneously reporting reduced dropout, deterioration rates and reduced service delivery costs.

The team at MyOutcomes is here to walk with you through the training and implementation process offering a variety of free print and video resources as well as expert advice on technical and clinical best practices. Our international customer support team is available by email, phone or Skype to ensure your MyOutcomes® experience is seamless and provides the value and clinical utility you require.

Health Factors’ Other Products

MyOutcomes® Pro

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MyOutcomes Pro is designed for use in agencies and offers multi-level access and advanced client outcome management tools for administrators, supervisors and clinicians. MyOutcomes Pro offers single or multi-year subscriptions. MyOutcomes offers integration with electronic health records, customized training and consultation packages..

MyOutcomes® FIT

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Every MyOutcomes FIT subscription includes supervisor, administrator and owner tools and comes with unlimited ORS and SRS administrations. MyOutcomes FIT can be conveniently purchased online for up to twenty providers and includes 12 documented online psychotherapy training hours on the basics of Feedback-Informed Treatment.

MyOutcomes® Mobile

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MyOutcomes Mobile was designed for smart phones and tablets, providing a simplified version of MyOutcomes that can be downloaded for free from iTunes or Google Play. Version 1.0 gave you direct client access that allows your clients to enter their responses into MyOutcomes using their own smartphone or tablet. Today, MyOutcomes Mobile comes with a Provider Dashboard and offline adminstration and reporting functions. With all of the options now available, digital administration of the ORS/CORS and SRS/CSRS/GSRS for multiple clients at the same time is a better option than paper scoring.

FIT eLearning

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FIT eLearning allows you to engage with Dr. Scott D. Miller in a personable one on one fashion from your phone, tablet or computer and includes 12 INTERACTIVE lessons organized around a set of 4 core competencies developed by Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. and colleagues at the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE). It can be purchased online for $179 per person. Additional pricing discounts are available on offline annual subscription purchases.


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Streamline focuses on helping behavioral health organizations improve operational efficiency and clinical effectiveness.OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS:- Identifying if your schedule systems are being effective.- Determine if the client intake system is efficient.- Ways to streamline your funding application/reporting processes.- Streamlining your overall admin system.
CLINICAL EFFECTIVENESS:- Integration of MyOutcomes to electronic health records.-Through outcomes measures determine clinical effectiveness and if required provide training.- Create customized therapist dashboard to enhance the client experience.

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