Advanced Behavioral Algorithms

To ensure that Health Factors provides the most robust and predictive measures of treatment, we consulted with some of the leading minds in the field, notably – Bruce Wampold, Scott Miller, Takuya Minami and Jesse Owen, and are pleased to announce that the most advanced behavioral algorithms and reporting features are now available to you in MyOutcomes® Version 17.

MyOutcomes® Version 15 includes important changes to benchmarking and reporting features. The most impactful changes with this release are the move from an expected treatment response based on average client progress, to a new more clinically significant equation that predicts and reports treatment outcomes by comparing individual client responses to both successful and unsuccessful treatment episodes.

MyOutcomes® Version 15 also includes:

Scatter Plot

A new reporting feature where clinicians can see all their client’s status on one graph. A red, yellow, or green dot for each client is displayed on a scatter plot and when you roll over the dot it shows the client ID.


Feedback Messages and Signals


We have permanently retired feedback messages from the system due to too many complaints about them feeling out of context. Additionally, the colored hand feedback signals have been replaced with a simpler green, yellow, or red circle design.

Graph Notation

We have added a new “update past session” view that includes a note feature, so you can make a note about a session and have it appear when you roll over the session score on the graph.


Watch our webinar with Scott D. Miller and Cindy Hansen that answers your questions about MyOutcomes® Advanced Behavioral Algorithms and Reporting Features.

MyOutcomes® 2016 Benchmarking Report

Health Factors has commissioned professor Doug Stanley to provide an independent analysis and review of the new predictive model available in MyOutcomes®, and Cindy Hansen (MyOutcomes® Clinical Director) reviews the resulting changes in treatment status and outcome benchmarks.

  Download Report