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Whether you’re an individual practitioner or part of a larger organization, FIT eLearning helps you develop a culture of feedback and incorporate the Outcome & Session Rating Scales (ORS & SRS) into your clinical practice. Note FIT elearning is designed for use with all forms of ORS and SRS administration, you do not need to subscribe to MyOutcomes to benefit, only be committed to the use of the measures to inform and improve care.

MyOutcomes Mobile Telehealth Offer
MyOutcomes Mobile is a streamlined standalone app you and your clients can download for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Earlier this year MyOutcomes was excited to release an option to purchase it's app for phones and tabets for only $95.00 a year. The reason it was so much less than any other comparable Outcome and Session Rating tool available is because it was stripped down to just the basics you really need for digital administion with predictive outcome reporting.

We did this to encouge you to move beyond paper and pencil adminstrion and to discouge the pracitce of using a less sensitive RCI to measure change. The problem was with the onset of socail distancing and telehealth, the app was missing one critical function, the ability for you to give your clients their own login credentails to access the app.

Giving clients their own access to Client

the in-app purchase you won’t be able to login to the web-based application, to use any of the Case Alert or Key Perform Indicators, but you will be able to report individual client outcomes. The in-app purchase is only $95/year.

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