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MyOutcomes® for
Mental Well Being Inc.

Why MyOutcomes?

We pioneered the technology that made the modern-day movement around evidence-based measures and the resulting science possible, developing the first web-based outcome tool designed for everyday clinical use.

We Offer:

• Dedicated, in-house IT team
• Mobile App with online and offline access
• Predictive algorithms power our reporting
• Case Alerts and Key Performance Indicators
• Customizable Report Parameters
• Print ready reporting
• Excel export
• More Reporting options than you can imagine

Plus, unparalleled training and implementation support.

• 10+ years of outcomes solutions
• Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) eLearning
• On-site Certified FIT Trainers
• OnTrack Agency Implementation
• FIT Deliberate Practice eLearning
• HL-7 EHR Integration

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