The New Science of Professional Development.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering: “What could I have done differently to keep my client engaged?” or “Why didn’t
they rebook?” then FIT Deliberate Practice is right for you.


An Outcomes-Focused Approach
The key to transforming your practice, and growing your client base.

MyOutcomes® FIT Deliberate Practice eLearning course provides the key to receiving the training and support you need to leverage your client's feedback and turn it into practice management strategies proven to grow your practice.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.



  • Two module course developed by experts
  • Presentations by Dr. Scott Miller
  • Demonstrations of our tools
  • Hands-on exercises and practice
  • Skills testing quizzes
  • Step-by-step support
  • Establish personal profile baseline
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FIT Deliberate Practice eLearning
This course was designed to help you build on the skills you learned in FIT eLearning while focusing on developing an individualized plan to improve your performance.

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    Applies the science of expertise to the field of mental health.
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    Contains cutting edge information.
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    Provides a roadmap to improve individual clinical performance treatment expertise.

  • Access performance improvement tools and training

    The Outcome and Session Rating System drive successful measurement-based care initiatives.

  • Record Feedback And Access
    It From Any Mobile Device

    MyOutcomes® Mobile is free and makes it easy for clients to share their feedback from a tablet or smartphone.

  • Download MyOutcomes® Benchmarking Report

    Powered by advanced behaviour algorithms, find out why top practitioners choose MyOutcomes over alternatives.

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