You’ve applied FIT to your practice. You’re already seeing results. How do you take it further? Deliberate Practice shows you how to improve your skills as a clinician through making a conscious effort to incrementally improve performance. Preliminary studies have shown that this mindset of directed effort is what sets the good apart from the best.

An Outcomes Focused Approach

Discover how collecting regular feedback from your clients can help transform your practice, giving you insight into areas of your treatment that are most effective and helping you target others for improvement.

We love the instant feedback the clinicians and clients get and how much easier it is to track progress. This software makes it possible for us to use it both as a good therapeutic tool and as a much more meaningful system of measuring client outcomes.
Sharon Stremel
Jefferson Center for Mental Health

FIT Deliberate eLearning Program

These two learning modules build on the skills you learned in FIT eLearning, while focusing on developing an individualized plan to improve your performance.

Get feedback from any mobile device.

The MyOutcomes® Mobile application is free and allows your clients to submit their feedback from any tablet or smartphone. It works seamlessly with MyOutcomes® to provide you with data immediately, even while you’re in session. Streamlined ORS and SRS surveys mean clients can easily share their feedback in under a minute, and you can access the results when it’s most convenient for you.