Client Feedback – A Necessary First Step




We all strive to improve at what we do each day, but how do we achieve excellence as therapists? How do we ensure that we consistently succeed in helping clients? Traditional professional development approaches (e.g., lectures, clinical experience, even supervision) don’t work. The latest studies show that unlocking one’s potential as a therapist requires “deliberate practice.”

Currently in development are two new FIT eLearning lessons to help you develop a “deliberate practice,” which are designed to:

  • Raise your effectiveness to the next level using constant feedback,
  • Improve your ability to engage, retain, and help a more diverse clientele by measuring outcomes,
  • Help you develop and sustain a lifelong, professional development plan by implementing psychotherapy tools.

In this free preview from “FIT elearning Lesson 13: Client Feedback – A Necessary First Step,” Dr. Scott Miller, PhD, will review:

  • Research on professional development and improvements in psychotherapy treatments.
  • The importance of the therapeutic alliance on therapy outcomes.
  • How Client feedback can help improve your ability to engage and retain more clients.
  • Using MyOutcomes tools and reports in clinical practice to improve outcomes.

Cynthia Maeschalck, ICCE Community Manager & Director of Professional Development and Daryl Chow, Senior ICCE Associate are collaborating on this project with ICCE Director and co-founder Scott Miller, and MyOutcomes Clinical Director, Cindy Hansen, and expect Lesson 13 and 14 to be available for release in early 2017.

Scott Miller, Ph.D. and Daryl Chow, Ph.D. are also co-authors of the forthcoming book Reach: Pushing Your Clinical Performance to the Next Level by Measuring Outcomes.

FIT eLearning is based on the most up to date research about outcomes in talk therapy and behavioral health services. The course is organized around a set of 4 core competencies developed by Scott D. Miller and colleagues at the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE). These core competences encompass the necessary basics for clinicians seeking to improve their outcomes and achieve excellence in their practice using the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS).

FIT eLearning allows you to interact with the material in order to learn it in the best way possible. Watch this short clip to learn more about FIT eLearning:
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