Health Agencies & Large Groups
Why MyOutcomes®

Health Agencies are hugely important in tackling the issues surrounding mental health. There are many moving parts when it comes to agencies and large health centers. With a sizable staff, many governing bodies to please, and a board of shareholders it can become daunting to manage the day-to-day therapeutic relationships. MyOutcomes® is a tool that can help turn progress into analyzable data. At a glance, agencies can determine the effectiveness of each clinician, which in tern will reveal the productivity of the overall establishment.

At MyOutcomes®, we believe that by offering our advanced measuring software services we will become integral to realizing the value of each therapist. Using the software and tools provided by MyOutcomes® will not only assist you in measuring the agencies client’s success but will also add company credibility within the industry. As a Gold Seal Standard and world-renowned measuring tool, it is no wonder why most agencies choose MyOutcomes®.

We Offer:

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) integrations
  • Education on reporting & Integrations
  • Dedicated, in-house IT team
  • Mobile App with online and offline access
  • Predictive algorithms power our reporting
  • Case Alerts and Key Performance Indicators
  • Customizable Report Parameters
  • Print ready reporting
  • Excel export
  • More Reporting options than you can imagine

Plus, unparalleled training and implementation support.

  • 10+ years of outcomes solutions
  • Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) eLearning
  • On-site Certified FIT Trainers
  • OnTrack Agency Implementation
  • FIT Deliberate Practice eLearning
  • HL-7 EHR Integration

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MyOutcomes® End-to-End Outcome Management Solution

We are trusted by mental and behavioral health leaders for our robust technology and valued for the unapparelled training and implementation support we provide.

At MyOutcomes® , we don't just help you report outcomes, we help you improve them.

MyOutcomes® for Health Care Systems
Includes a free consultation to create an implementation package to meet your reporting and quality improvement needs
  • Digital Administration
  • Automatic Scoring
  • Feedback Signals & Basic RCI Reporting
  • Advanced Behavioural Algorithms
  • Offline Mode
  • Clinical Notes
  • iPhone/iPad App
  • Android App
  • PCOMS digital administration licence

  • HL7 API secure EHR data exchange
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • PIPEDA Compliant
  • GDPHR Compliant
  • Customer Service Live, Phone, Email
  • 10+ Years in Business
  • Free Access to Training Resources
  • NHS Innovations Award 2015
  • Standardized ELearning (CE accredited)

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