The expertise, tools and resources to integrate MyOutcomes® and Feedback-Informed Treatment into your organization.

  •   3 phases: Installation, Implementation, Success & Sustainability
  •   2 hours of live consultation with a certified trainer
  •   3 succinct videos
  •   3 hands-on workbooks
  •   2 guide books
  •   1 integration ‘how to’ guide

OnTrack will provide you and/or your agency with a personalized and individual:

  •   Implementation Blueprint
  •   Installation support
  •   Knowledge of the critical stages to successful implementation of MyOutcomes® and Feedback-Informed Treatment
  •   Installation Plan
  •   Needs Assessment to support implementation
  •   Key Stakeholders and Program Champions
  •   Real-time, real-life Strategic Implementation Plan
  •   Risk Assessment
  •   Long-term Support Tactics
  •   Success Metrics

OnTrack : $1000 USD

Additional implementation training and clinical support can be purchased in one hour increments.

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