In keeping to our commitment to continuous quality improvement, the Spring Release of MyOutcomes® Version 15 included new features that were created based on feedback from our international user groups and leading authorities in the field.

The most notable innovations in Version 15 include:

The ability to easily separate or combine ORS and SRS performance metrics for children, adolescents and adults
Enhanced data point roll over information not only provided more information about current session responses but now appears even on skipped sessions
An onscreen option to switch between the SRS (Session Rating Scale) and the GSRS (Group Session Rating Scale) for those clients who are receiving both group and individual counselling
New home screen customization option which allows you to set the number of clients you want displayed

Is it Working? Featuring the clinical director Cindy Hansen

Learn how easy it is to routinely collect client feedback using MyOutcomes®. Watch this video from MyOutcomes®’ Clinical Director, Cindy Hansen, to learn more:

Since 2007 many agencies have managed to successfully sustain a feedback informed approach using MyOutcomes®. We have learned a lot over the years when it comes to implementation. One thing we have identified is that you must be planning long term. If you are looking at an annual plan, implementation will likely fail. We feel so strongly about this, that we are now recommending that agencies sign 3 year agreements, and are providing a 50% discount for agencies willing to commit. If you are interested, Request a Quote.

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