MyOutcomes® Essentials for sole practitioners

Helping you track and improve effectiveness with all your clients.

Web-based Outcomes Measurement Solutions
MyOutcomes® Essentials for Sole Practitioners

Build confidence in your effect size with advanced behavioural algorithms and powerful reporting at your finger tips

  • Cost effective and easy to implement

    Low monthly payments and an easy to integrate digital solution you can use with all your clients.

  • The forefront of treatment advances

    Improve patient outcomes reporting and support a transparent and progressive client/practitioner relationship easily and effectively.

  • Grow your practice

    Differentiate your practice through verifiable treatment effect size enabled by advanced behavioural algorithm metrics and powerful reporting.

  • Security and compliance

    SSL encryption keeps client data safe. Fully compliant and in alignment with Canada, the United States and EU security and privacy regulations.

  • Simple, effective surveys

    Easy administration of session-by-session Outcome Ratings Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS) tools.

  • Powerful reporting

    Granular, real-time client data for diverse clinical populations and powerful analytical tools that predict client outcomes.

MyOutcomes®Essentials powerful reporting, complete control, totally secure.
Advanced behavioural algorithms, Smartphone enabled
and powerful reporting at your fingertips.
  • Digital administration and scoring
  •   Intuitive at-a-glance dashboards
  •   20 different language options
  •   SRS & ORS Surveys
  •   Unlimited ORS and SRS administrations
  •   Predictive analytical tools
  •   Real-time, outcome-tracking tool
  •   Interactive graphs, alerts and key
    performance indicators
  •   Client self-administration access options
  •   Secure data storage
  •   MyOutcomes Mobile access

mental well being - myoutcomes

mental well being - myoutcomes

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Capture and View Client Feedback From Any Mobile Device With MyOutcomes® Essentials

MyOutcomes® Mobile App allows your clients to submit their feedback from any tablet or smartphone. It works seamlessly with MyOutcomes® to provide you with data immediately, even while you’re in session.

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