MyOutcomes® Essentials

Helping you track and improve your effectiveness with all your clients.

Cost effective and easy to implement.

Low monthly payments and an easy to integrate digital solution you can use with all your clients.

Grow your practice.

Differentiate your practice through verifiable treatment effect size enable by advanced behaviour algorithm metrics and powerful reporting.

Simple, effective surveys.

Easy administration of session-by-session Outcome Ratings Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS) tools.

The forefront of treatment advances.

Improve patient outcomes reporting and support a transparent and progressive client/practitioner relationship easily and effectively.

Security and compliance.

SSL encryption keeps client data safe. Fully compliant and in alignment with Canada, the United States and EU security and privacy regulations.

Powerful reporting.

Granular, real-time client data, diverse clinical populations, powerful analytical tools that predict client outcomes.

“We love the instant feedback the clinicians and clients get and how much easier it is to track progress.This software makes it possible for us to use it both as a good therapeutic tool and as a much more meaningful system of measuring client outcomes.”

Sharon Stremel
Jefferson Center for Mental Health

Advanced behavioural algorithms, Smartphone enabled
and powerful reporting at your fingertips.

MyOutcomes® Essentials Powerful reporting,
complete control, totally secure.

  •   Digital administration and scoring
  •   Intuitive at-a-glance dashboards
  •   20 different language options
  •   SRS & ORS Surveys
  •   Unlimited ORS and SRS administrations
  •   Predictive analytical tools
  •   Real-time outcome-tracking tool
  •   Interactive graphs, alerts and key
    performance indicators
  •   Client self-administration access options
  •   Secure data storage
  •   MyOutcomes Mobile access


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Capture and View Client Feedback From Any Mobile Device With MyOutcomes® Essentials

MyOutcomes® Mobile App allows your clients to submit their feedback from any tablet or smartphone. It works seamlessly with MyOutcomes® to provide you with data immediately, even while you’re in session.

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Download MyOutcomes® 2018 Benchmarking Report

The most advanced behaviour algorithms and resulting changes in PCOMS.

MyOutcomes® simplifies the use of ROM in clinical settings with advanced behavioral algorithms that go beyond measuring average change, resulting in more accurate client outcome reports. The following is raw aggregate data, a snapshot of the main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) developed and popularized by the Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) to interpret outcomes.