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MyOutcomes® FIT offers multilevel access and advanced client outcome management tools for administrators, supervisors and clinicians. Every MyOutcomes® FIT Version 17.5 includes supervisor, administrator and owner tools and comes with unlimited ORS and SRS administrations.

MyOutcomes® FIT can be conveniently purchased online for up to twenty providers and we also offer 12 documented online psychotherapy training hours on the basics of Feedback-Informed Treatment.

MyOutcomes® FIT Features:

  • Innovative outcome-tracking tool provides real time analysis of client improvement
  • Intuitive consoles and dashboards offer at-a-glance identification of at-risk cases
  • Interactive graphs allow for comparison of multiple feedback sources
  • Simplifies administration with 20 different language options
  • Accepts administrations from tablets, smartphones, computers and manually scored paper administrations
  • Instant and advanced outcome reports are available for individuals, providers and programs

Is it Working? Featuring the Clinical Director Cindy Hansen

Learn how easy it is to routinely collect client feedback using MyOutcomes®. Watch this video from MyOutcomes®’ Clinical Director, Cindy Hansen, to learn more:

MyOutcomes® FIT can also be conveniently purchased online for up to twenty providers.

MyOutcomes® FIT Online Subscriptions are available annually for up to 20 providers – 11-20 is $219.95; 1-10 is $229.95.

Once you complete the form and choose the number of providers who need access to MyOutcomes, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete payment. Next, you will receive a welcome email with a link to your provisioning wizard. Upon completion, the provision wizard will send anyone included, their login information instantly.

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