MyOutcomes End-to-End Outcome Management Solution

Trusted by Mental and Behavioral health leaders for our robust technology and valued for the unapparelled training and implementation support we provide.

At MyOutcomes, we dont just help you report outcomes, we help you improve them.



Thousands of Agencies big and small choose the Outcome and Session Rating Scales to track treatment progress and monitor the Therapeutic Alliance.

Long established as the leading outcome management solution, today it’s our training in Feedback-Informed Treatment and FIT Deliberate Practice that sets us apart from the cheaper, newer outcome management solutions on the market.

Our goal is not to simply help you collect outcome data; we are here to help you build a Team of super shrinks.

  • Powerful Reporting Options

    Real-time outcome-tracking tool with powerful predictive analytical tools. Dashboards with interactive graphs, case alerts and key performance indicators

  • End-to-end implementation solution

    We will pare you with a seasoned FIT Trainer, providing the tools and practical advice you need to be successful, including on demand training in Feedback-Informed Treatment

  • Simple, effective surveys

    Easy administration of the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS/CORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS/CSRS/GSRS) in 20 languages

  • Scalability and flexibility

    Add more providers or programs as you go. Works with all kinds of clients, in all kinds of settings. Customize to match your culture and orginizational structure

  • Security and compliance

    SSL encryption keeps client data safe. Fully compliant and in alignment with Canada, the United States and EU security and privacy regulations.

  • Designed for complete integration

    HL7 User and client integration options, our team can get you connected and offers customization support to increase operational efficiencies

Which MyOutcomes® solution is right for your agency?
MyOutcomes® Pro
Great for a small group at one location, includes FIT Training with Scott D. Miller
Online signup for 1 to 10 practitioners
  •   Intuitive at-a-glance dashboards
  •   20 different language options
  •   SRS & ORS Surveys
  •   Unlimited ORS and SRS administrations.
  •   Predictive analytical tools
  •   Real-time outcome-tracking tool
  •   Case alerts and key performance indicators
  •   Client self-administration access options
  •   Secure data storage
  •   MyOutcomes® Mobile access
  •   Multi-level permissions
  •   Customizable reporting options
  • Only $228/provider per year
MyOutcomes® for Health Care Systems
Includes a free consultation to create an implementation package to meet your reporting and quality improvement needs
  • Digital Administration
  • Automatic Scoring
  • Feedback Signals & Basic RCI Reporting
  • Advanced Behavioural Algorithms
  • Offline Mode
  • Clinical Notes
  • iPhone/iPad App
  • Android App
  • PCOMS digital administration licence

  • HL7 API secure EHR data exchange
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • PIPEDA Compliant
  • GDPHR Compliant
  • Customer Service Live, Phone, Email
  • 10+ Years in Business
  • Free Access to Training Resources
  • NHS Innovations Award 2015
  • Standardized ELearning (CE accredited)
Just you? Get Started With MyOutcomes® Today
Capture and View Client Feedback From Any Mobile Device

The in app purchase is only $95/year.

The reason it is so much less than any other comparable tool available is because we have stripped it down to just the basics you really need to make this process simpler and more effective and if you feel too limited and want to aggregate data, give clients their own login credentials so they can use the app on their own device, you can upgrade without losing your data or paying a transfer fee.

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