MyOutcomes® offers multilevel access and advanced client outcome management tools for administrators, supervisors and clinicians.

MyOutcomes® Pro offers single or multi-year subscriptions. Every MyOutcomes® subscription includes unlimited ORS and SRS administrations, multi-level access and advanced client outcome management tools. MyOutcomes® offers integration with electronic health records, customized training and consultation packages.

MyOutcomes® Integration Services are also available with your MyOutcomes’ subscription. These services are designed to facilitate specific management areas in large agencies and organizations. The following four services can be easily incorporated into existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other similar platforms:

  • Client Integration is ideal for agencies with large amounts of clients being added or removed from their system. This service simplifies entering/updating client information in the user’s EHR and in MyOutcomes. With the click of a button, personal client data entered into the organization’s EHR can be easily transferred into the provider’s MyOutcomes account. This allows the provider to focus on administering sessions, rather than entering personal data.
  • Client Data Integration is perfect for agencies wishing to view client data/reports in one place in their EHR and/or keep a copy of client data on their own server. It can be customized to transfer data for individual clients as needed or to create bulk transfers at a preset time and date.
  • User Integration is ideal for agencies that have a large number of providers to manage. Combining this service with Client Integration can help reduce the time investment of supervisors and administrators in their client/provider management.
  • Single Sign On gives the user a feeling that they are working in only one system. After logging into their EHR account, the user can access their MyOutcomes’ account with a single click, without any additional login steps. This service can be used separately or combined with other services.

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We all share a common desire to know that we are helping the people we treat. MyOutcomes®’ simple method of continuous client feedback gives us this knowledge.

Since 2007 many agencies have managed to successfully sustain a feedback informed approach using MyOutcomes®. We have learned a lot over the years when it comes to implementation. One thing we have identified is that you must be planning long term. If you are looking at an annual plan, implementation will likely fail. We feel so strongly about this, that we are now recommending that agencies sign 3 year agreements, and are providing a 50% discount for agencies willing to commit. If you are interested, request a quote.

The On Track Program was designed to help organizations successfully implement MyOutcomes® and become feedback informed systems of care. The On Track Program is based on the implementation science of Dr. Dean Fixsen, and was developed in collaboration with Dr. Scott D. Miller.

Please watch the Phase One Exploration video below (9:16), featuring Dr. Scott D. Miller, introduced by MyOutcomes’ Clinical Director Cindy Hansen

To learn more about the On Track program, click here.