May 2015



Send the Measures Directly to the Client!

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions regarding the Remote Client Access feature we added in Version 12. We have heard you and understand that the more ways it’s possible to capture client feedback the more likely it is for you and your clients to use the measures.That’s why for the release of Version  13, we have created “Email PCOMS”, which allows you to send an email with their password and login options directly to the client with a simple click. When they receive the email they can log in to from their computer, laptop or tablet (using Internet Explorer 8, 9 or 10, FireFox (latest version), Google Chrome (latest), Safari (latest), iPad or Android). The client simply clicks the link in the email, enters their user ID and temporary password and is taken to the first screen to register their responses. Since January of 2015, clients now also have the option of downloading MyOutcomesMobile (free) from iTunes or Google Play and record their responses directly into their phone or tablet.

For the provider, all that is required is to enter the clients email address. The email address can then be saved in the system for next time or alternatively if your security policies prohibit entry of identifiable information it can also be entered manually each time.

With all of the client administration options now available, online administration of the ORS/CORS and SRS/CSRS for multiple clients in therapy has become feasible and now finally there is a way for the Group Session Rating Scale to be entered by everyone simultaneously for instant feedback and more responsive adjustments to group issues.

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Customizable Aggregate Stats Report

With New Metrics

In MyOutcomes Pro v13 you can finally make your Aggregate Stats Report your own. Through in-line editing you can change the terms used to describe program metrics and make them more relatable to your audience. For example, in place of  “Corrected Effect Size”. You could write “Relative Effect Size- compares individual program participant’s progress against a database of identical intake scores, who have attended the same number of sessions”. To maintain consistency across your reports, the edit feature will only be accessible from the MyOutcomes Pro Owner Level Aggregate Stats page and will be set as the default for system wide, standardized reporting, and to maintain data integrity the roll over definitions of the statistical terms cannot be altered.

effective therapist brief myoutcomes feedback informed

We have also created new section options to display on your Aggregate Stats Report. These include Recovery, Treatment Duration and Discharge. This addition was initiated by a request from Dr. Sami Timimi, a Director of Medical Education for the National Health Service in the UK, to accommodate the reporting functions needed for a £3.5million Scaling Up Improvement Programme. When you go to Options on the MyOutcomes Pro Owner homepage you can simply check off which sections you want to appear on your Aggregate Stats page. Another improvement is to the reporting of Skipped Sessions as you will now be able to differentiate between Canceled/Rescheduled sessions and no shows. We have also eliminated the need to choose “Include Feedback Source” to have couples sessions included on the Aggregate Stats page.

effective therapist brief myoutcomes feedback informed

New Release

MyOutcomes Version 13 will be released on May 23, 2015

We have three major new features I am excited to reveal for MyOutcomes v.13.

The first is Email PCOMS, a way to send the measures directly to the client so they can enter their responses on their own devices.

The second is a Customizable Aggregate Stats Report. Our latest advancement in outcomes, this customizable aggregate stats report offers a number of new metrics as well, including new sections on Recovery, Treatment Duration and Discharge.

Our third major new client requested addition is the ORS Audit Dashboard. A new dashboard application that retains the full capacity of our current Dashboard Report Parameters to easily identify cases where data integrity maybe at risk.

ORS Audit Dashboard

Identify Cases Where Data Integrity May Be at Risk

In addition to key performance indicators and case alerts we have added a new ORS Audit dashboard. This client requested feature has been requested many times over the years. It will allow MyOutcomes Pro Owners, Administrators and Supervisors to use current reporting parameters to identify clients who have had their past ORS records changed by the provider after the client had completed the survey. There can be many legitimate reasons for changing a survey after-the-fact; however, there have been cases where there was concern that certain providers were altering client responses to improve their effect size.

When you navigate to the ORS Audit dashboard you can use the report parameters to look at programs or individual providers. You can also audit ORS changes by choosing between a number of preformatted date ranges, including: this week, last week,this month, last month, this year and last year. This is a new report parameter feature that we hope will simplify date range report parameters, customized date ranges are still available. Reporting has also been made more exact with the addition of Time Zone Date Stamping where the default date of a survey will be the local time of the computer, as opposed to the server the data is stored on.

Upcoming Workshop

FIT Implementation Intensive Training 2015

FIT Implementation Training will be held August 6th and 7th, 2015 in Chicago, IL. USA. This is a hands on, intensive training designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of how to implement Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) in agencies, and healthcare systems in the United States and abroad.

Over the 2 days we will draw on the science of implementation, exploring strategies, processes and tools that are known to lead to successful implementation. We will also explore common challenges or barriers to implementing FIT and how to address these. Finally, we will look at processes and strategies to sustain FIT Implementation.The FIT Implementation training will be led by ICCE Director, Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. and the ICCE professional development team.