Offline Administration

In keeping to our commitment to continuous quality improvement, the Fall Release of MyOutcomes® Version 16 includes 3 new validity indicators as well as upgrades to MyOutcomes® Mobile that includes a Provider Dashboard and Offline Administration Option.

The 3 new validity indicators are:

Intake ORS Over 35: This indicator provides at a glance information on the number of Cases whose intake ORS is over 35.
Intake ORS Over Clinical Cutoff: This indicator available on the aggregate stats page identifies the percent of Cases whose intake ORS is over the clinical cutoff.
Saw Tooth Pattern: The saw tooth pattern is an indication that the ORS is reflecting how the person feels in the moment, as opposed to an average of how they have been doing over the past seven days or since their last session.

Introducing MyOutcomes® Mobile 2.0

Client Access:

We are excited to be bringing you the latest version of MyOutcomes® Mobile. MyOutcomes® Mobile 2.0 includes a Provider Dashboard and Offline Administration. In addition to client level access that allows your clients to enter their own ORS/CORS, SRS/CSRS/GSRS, directly into MyOutcomes® using their smartphone or tablet.

Provider Access:

This addition also has a simplified Provider Dashboard, from the Provider Dashboard they will be able to see their cases at a a glance, administer the ORS/SRS, skip a session, as well as see the current red, yellow, or green client status. If they want to create new clients, deactivate clients, or access any of the other functions that they regularly use, there will be a link directly to the MyOutcomes®’ web-based application.

Offline Administration:

For many of our users they will be happy to hear that we now have offline administration options available. With offline administration the ORS/SRS can be completed using the mobile application on a smartphone or tablet.  They will be able to see the raw sub scale and total scores for immediate integration into the session. As soon as they are reconnected to the internet, the predicted scores will be returned so they can see their client status report graph, and it will update on the provider home page. MyOutcomes® mobile can be downloaded for free from iTunes and Google Play and is scheduled to be released this fall, date to be announced and updated here.

Watch this video (21:35 mins) from MyOutcomes® Clinical Director, Cindy Hansen, to learn how easy it is to routinely collect client feedback using MyOutcomes®, and answer the question: “Is it working?”

Since 2007 many agencies have managed to successfully sustain a feedback informed approach using MyOutcomes®. We have learned a lot over the years when it comes to implementation. One thing we have identified is that you must be planning long term. If you are looking at an annual plan, implementation will likely fail. We feel so strongly about this, that we are now recommending that agencies sign 3 year agreements, and are providing a 50% discount for agencies willing to commit. If you are interested, Request a Quote.

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