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What is On Track?

The On Track Program was designed to help organizations successfully implement MyOutcomes® and become feedback informed systems of care. The On Track Program is based on the implementation science of Dr. Dean Fixsen, and was developed in collaboration with Dr. Scott D. Miller.The On Track Program is a $1000.00 value, and includes two hours of live consultations to be completed within the first year. Each phase also includes a video (7 – 10 minutes long), as well as a booklet containing information and tools to aid you in your implementation.
  • Phase One Exploration

    Phase One will review the key components of the Exploration Phase, which is, as Scott D. Miller indicates, when you do what the name says…explore. It is the time when you are not only gathering information to help you answer some key questions necessary to your decision process, but it is also the time when you are gathering information that will be critical to successfully moving into the subsequent stages of implementation. It is a highly important stage that, if a sufficient time investment is made, can have huge payoffs in the likelihood of your implementation plan being successful.

  • Phase Two Installation and Initial Implementation

    Phase Two is designed to support you during these critical and costly stages of implementation. Implementation is the process of integrating a “new” evidence-based practice or tool into a real-time and real-life program. Research has consistently demonstrated that a well-planned program of implementation is key to the successful integration and use of any new program.

  • Phase Three: Implementation and Sustainability

    Phase Three will help you create the long term plans and goals required for successful implementation and sustainability. Implementation is a multi-level process creating positive change for all stakeholders that involves integrating a “new” evidence-based practice or tool into a real-time and real-life program.

On Track Program for Successful Implementation: Phase One Exploration

Please watch the Phase One Exploration video below (9:16), featuring Dr. Scott D. Miller, introduced by MyOutcomes’ Clinical Director Cindy Hansen, and complete the form below to receive the On Track Exploration Booklet.