Our Leadership Team

With their extensive knowledge of the behavioral healthcare industry and their commitment to improving the entire client experience, the members of our leadership team continue to foster our growth, thereby reaching health care providers and their clients around the globe.

Farida Contractor, B.Com, CHRP

Farida has more than 25 years experience leading and implementing a multitude of large information technology (IT) and software development projects. This includes serving on the development team at Winfax that created the first digital fax software. Her leadership skills and commitment to service excellence in the health care industry are an invaluable resource in helping to guide MyOutcomes® global growth.


Cindy Hansen, BA-Psych, HHP
Clinical Director

Cindy has played a critical role in the evolution of MyOutcomes® and its implementation into evidence-based and FIT practices since its inception. As the first female certified FIT trainer, she is passionate about providing clients, both those in her practice and those of MyOutcomes®’ customers, with a powerful voice in therapy. In her leadership role, Cindy has attended conferences and other mental health-related events around the world, often as a speaker, always networking with current customer and potential customers. This personal touch has made her the face of MyOutcomes®, whose sensitivity, confidence and competency assure both old and new customers that MyOutcomes® will always be responsive to their needs. This global network that she is building and maintaining provides Cindy with unique insights as she leads her team in constantly updating and refining MyOutcomes®’ products and services with the goal of providing our customers a premium client experience.


Karl A. Peuser, MA, PhD.
Director, Research & Security

Karl was a recipient of the Research Society on Alcoholism Junior Investigator Award. Having a background in experimental psychobiology, he’s conducted research on the physiological basis of learning and memory, developmental neurobehavioural toxicology, alcohol use and abuse in college age students, and harm reduction programs for infants and young children. He taught more than 20 different university/college course in 20-year time span. He is a Certified HIPAA Professional who, since 2013, has been working with HIPAA, PIPEDA and GDPR regulations. Currently, he has taken leadership in realizing MyOutcomes® mandate to create a first-class customer service department that provides exceptional customer experience.


Christian Stocker, B.Sc.
Technical Support Manager

As senior software engineer, Christian’s extensive programming experience in health-science projects has helped him earn a strong reputation for building and maintaining bug-free, user-friendly software. Working in both PHP and .NET languages, he has created numerous custom web applications for Health Factor clients, while demonstrating a commitment to providing MyOutcomes®’ users with world-class technical support.