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For more than 20 years MyOutcomes® team has been dedicated to developing innovations in applied behavioural sciences. Our award-winning team has pioneered the use of intuitive multimedia technology for elearning, Web 2.0 social groups, advanced reporting metrics and tools designed to enhance health sciences.

In 2008, MyOutcomes® pioneered the first web-based version of the trans-theoretical Outcome and Session Rating Scales for use in the monitoring and reporting of behavioural healthcare services. MyOutcomes® Team was driven by a belief that mental health practitioners need innovative and practical solutions to help them provide superior care to their clients.

We developed MyOutcomes® to arm practitioners with a valid and reliable tool with a demonstrated ability to strengthen client engagement, increase the number of successful outcomes, and reduce early drop out. Today, MyOutcomes® is successfully implemented in a wide variety of service settings all over the world.

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Outcome Rating Scale (ORS)
What is the Outcome Rating Scale?

For two decades, the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) has repeatedly been proven to be a reliable and valid therapeutic instrument that can be easily and effectively incorporated into any therapist-client session....

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Session Rating Scale (SRS)
What is the Session Rating Scale?

Evidence-based practices are effective in consistently producing positive outcomes in psychotherapy. Being included on SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices means that the Session Rating Scale (SRS) is a valuable tool for any practice that wishes to improve the likelihood of clients achieving their therapeutic goals....


Now is the Time to Measure Success

As a clinical professional, a client’s success is integral to your success. It is no surprise that clinicians are loaded with skills in building trust, empathizing, and teaching their clients how to better their lives. These skills are extremely important to better mental health and are needed now more than ever. Don’t leave anything on the table, you already put so much into your client’s relationships, so why not consider using a scientifically validated measuring tool to ensure your hard work pays off?

Whether you are a Large Health Agency, or a Sole Practitioner now is the time to reach out to the MyOutcomes® team and set up your free trial.

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