Outcome Rating Scale (ORS)

What is the Outcome Rating Scale?

For two decades, the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) has repeatedly been proven to be a reliable and valid therapeutic instrument that can be easily and effectively incorporated into any therapist-client session (Miller, Duncan, Brown, Sparks, & Claud, 2003; Bringhurst, Watson, Miller, & Duncan, 2006; Campbell & Hemsley, 2009). Further evidence has been accumuating that demonstrates the generalizability of the ORS to a variety of clinical populations and settings: couples, addictions, adolescents, groups, and much more (Anker, Duncan, & Sparks, 2009).

With MyOutcomes®, the ORS takes less than a minute to administer, and the results can then be compared to a predicted score derived from calculations based on data from nearly three-quarters-of-a-million other administrations. The brevity of our ORS makes for an extremely feasible tool that can easily be completed by clients at the beginning or end of each therapeutic session. Although feedback does lead to improved outcomes, it has been demonstrated that regular solicitation of feedback is significantly more effective (Reese, Norsworthy, & Rowlans, 2009).

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