Results from RCT’s and meta analyses of routine outcome monitoring and feedback: The available evidence.


The Outcome and Session Rating Scales are brief measures which can be used to track client functioning and the quality of the therapeutic alliance over the course of psychotherapy. Versions of the scales are available for adults, children, adolescents and groups in 18 different languages. The Outcome Rating scale (ORS) is designed to assess the individual, interpersonal, and social functioning of the client, whereas the Session Rating Scale (SRS) assesses the quality of the relational bond between the client and therapist, the degree of agreement between the client and clinician regarding treatment goals, and their agreement regarding the methods and approach employed in case. The tools do not require that practitioners adhere to a particular model or approach and administering and scoring the measures is simple and straightforward. In this paper, the authors present the two measures, discuss the domains they assess, and describe how they can be used in routine clinical practice to aid in service plan development. In addition, the authors discuss the psychometric properties of the scales and describe the resources available to clinicians who wish to use them.