Whether you’re new to feedback integrated treatment or a seasoned user of MyOutcomes®, you’ll find plenty to dive into here. Join us for webinars, read up on the latest industry news, or learn how to make your practice more efficient than ever.


A couple hundred years ago, folk shared ideas by publishing pamphlets. A few decades ago, people shared their ideas in newsletters. Today, people turning to blogs. We publish blogs written by in-house staff and outside experts. You can read this collection of ideas, thoughts & insights on MyOutcomes and FIT (Feedback-Informed Treatment) by visiting our blog page…


Whether you are exploring using MyOutcomes to become a FIT (Feedback-Informed Treatment) mental health provider or you are already a FIT/MyOutcomes customer/user, we have several guides to assist you in using MyOutcomes, in your decision-making, and in your implementation process. For more…


MyOutcomes has a number of free webinars from a variety of experts, e.g. Dr. Scott Miller, Dr. Barry Duncan, & more, in the Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) model. Topics range from improving therapist effectiveness to implementing the FIT model into agencies. For more details…


Knowing that you have a busy schedule and that some questions only need a quick response, MyOutcomes has compiled a list of questions that are frequently asked by our customers. If you need answers to questions ranging from recovering passwords/user IDs, to functional questions, e.g. adding feedback sources, to administrator questions, please visit our FAQ…


As the world gets smaller, the more we become exposed to events occurring in distant lands. In the field of mental health, in general, Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT), more specifically, and, even more specifically, with MyOutcomes, things are happening. To keep up with events, please visit…