Collecting client data is one thing, but accessing it in an easy, accessible way is another. MyOutcomes® Data Integration helps practitioners review client data quickly and easily. This feature allows practitioners to search by client and retrieve all session data, including ORS and SRS scores.


Why use the MyOutcomes® Data Integration?

Security: SSL encryption keeps client data safe.

Easy retrieval: Sort by practitioner (essential if you run a large organization), date range, or individual client. Access only the information you need, quickly, instead of sorting through sessions from multiple practitioners or clients.

Essential data: Retrieve ORS and SRS scores – as well as sub-scores for each – for every client, giving you an instant read on your treatment plans progress.


These services are designed to facilitate specific management areas in large agencies and organizations. The following services can be easily incorporated into existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other similar platforms:

Client Integration: Ideal for agencies with large amounts of clients being added or removed from their system. This service simplifies entering and updating client information in the user’s EHR and in MyOutcomes®. With the click of a button, personal client data entered into the organization’s EHR can be easily transferred into the provider’s MyOutcomes® account. This allows the provider to focus on administering sessions, rather than entering personal data.

Client Data Integration: Perfect for agencies wishing to view client data and reports in one place in their EHR and/or to keep a copy of client data on their own server. It can be customized to transfer data for individual clients as needed, or to create bulk transfers at a preset time and date.

User Integration: Ideal for agencies that have a large number of providers to manage. Combining this service with Client Integration can help reduce the time investment of supervisors and administrators in their client/provider management.

Single Sign On: It gives the user a feeling that they are working in only one system. After logging into their EHR account, the user can access their MyOutcomes’ account with a single click, without any additional login steps.

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