Sharon Blady, PhD.
Clinical Advisory Board

Sharon began her career as an academic. Teaching and researching across a variety of disciplines, Sharon improved the ability to optimize and connect information from diverse sources. Her presentation delivery style is accessible and convincing. Her abilities in these areas were further utilized and enhanced when she was elected to the Manitoba Legislature where she had a hand in crafting two first-in-Canada legislations before being appointed as a Cabinet Minister.

As Minister of Healthy Living, and Minister of Health for the province of Manitoba Sharon demonstrated strong competencies in her ability to work with stakeholders, and front-line healthcare providers. Systems analysis, strategic planning, and agility in addressing management issues were a key focus during her time in office, as well as, working with clients today. Her personal history of mental health issues also provides a unique insight into how to better reform mental health and healthcare policy through the lens of lived experience. Sharon’s leadership with MyOutcomes clinical team offers an invaluable perspective to ensure therapists achieve their highest level of effectiveness.

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