Sole Practitioners & Small Practices
Increase your stream of new clients!

Establishing a full client base is a challenge for most small practices.

When future prospects learn of your use of Feedback informed treatment (FIT) it gives your clinic a competitive advantage resulting in a higher closing rate.

Your client’s success is your clinics success!

*With 13 randomized clinical trials, we can validate a clinician’s effectiveness which is increased by up to 42% when using MyOutcomes*

As a Gold Seal Standard for measuring, it's no wonder why most clinics choose MyOutcomes®


Benefits & Functions of MyOutcomes®

  • Intuitive at-a-glance dashboards
  • Simple to use and administer
  • Provides Telehealth solutions
  • Included in the subscription is access to the MyOutcomes app
  •   20 different language options
  •   SRS & ORS Surveys
  •   Unlimited ORS and SRS administrations.
  •   Predictive analytical tools
  •   Real-time outcome-tracking tool
  •   Case alerts and key performance indicators
  •   Client self-administration access options
  •   Secure data storage
  •   MyOutcomes® Mobile App
  •   Multi-level permissions
  •   Customizable reporting options

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