The Gold Standard Of Feedback-Informed Therapy

May 29, 2020 at 4:00 AM

Do you ever wish you could collect client feedback from your phone? We understand the importance of client feedback and its critical role in running a successful practice. Processing and applying patient feedback in a seamless way can make your practice even better and turn your team into an alliance of super shrinks! MyOutcomes is the gold standard of patient feedback technology. We are the innovators who removed paper from the office and streamlined all patient feedback forms into one, sleek mobile app.

A safe and mobile way to connect with your patients.

Today, technology connects all of us in ways the world didn’t imagine was possible ten years ago. Private information is much safer to be held and reported on digital databases. MyOutcomes keeps client data safe through two-factor authentication and SSC encryption. In order for anyone to access patient information, they must pass an extra layer of authentication to proves the user’s identity. That means nobody will be able to access confidential patient information and you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaking it.

Improve outcomes in a holistic way.

MyOutcomes doesn’t just provide you with patient feedback, it presents opportunities to improve the satisfaction of your patients and your success in helping them. Through our session-by-session outcomes rating scale, your shrinks will get a holistic understanding of their performance, and a way to continually track their progress. By receiving a three-dimensional view of your work, you can discover new opportunities to make adjustments and ultimately benefit your patients.

On-demand training sessions.

Our platform goes beyond your phone. We pair you with a trainer who will continually provide support and consultation for you whenever you need it. One person’s opinion is not always the most accurate. Our team believes it is important to analyze feedback and outcomes as a team to get the best results possible. Whenever you need a second pair of eyes or some advice you can always rely on us to be there.

Keep it simple.

We’ve stripped down the mechanics of the application to make it far more user friendly. Using our app shouldn’t be complicated but make it easier for you to do your job. We make it easy to effectively connect with your patients and find ways to improve. No headaches, no puzzles.

Other unique features.

We set out to make a truly distinguishing product that could be crowned the industry standard. Our app offers 20 different language options to make sure there’s no patient you cannot connect to. You’ll be able to analyze data through interactive graphs, alerts, and key performance indicators that will give you a far more holistic view of your practice.

MyOutcomes is committed to helping Feedback-Informed Therapy practices find success with every patient. We pride ourselves on being a solutions-based company that will improve your practice’s performance. Please visit our website or get in touch with us today to schedule a free demo!