Therapy Outcomes Management System (TOMS)

The Therapy Outcomes Management System (TOMS) is a simple way for you to keep session notes and outcome data using the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS).

This App for iPad/iPhone/iPod is used to provide instant feedback on outcomes of counseling and therapy, client by client.

MyOutcomes® TOMS  has two versions:  individual therapy session and couples therapy session

Benefits of TOMS

It’s simple–research has demonstrated that providing instant feedback on psychotherapy sessions improves the quality of care that clients receive.

Because the TOMS database (Parse, owned by Facebook) is being retired in January, 2017, some changes were necessary to allow the TOMS to continue working. As of January 1, 2017, the  TOMS application is now being maintained by MyOutcomes®.

There are two parts of the TOMS: The Client Manager and the Session Manager.

Client Manager: In the Client Manager, you maintain a list of all your clients and their contact information.

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Session Manager: In the Session Manager, you keep session notes and outcome data using the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS)

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With the TOMS, you can administer the ORS at the beginning of a session and the SRS at the end of each session.

Then you can track ORS and SRS scores over time on a graph to provide instant feedback on your client’s progress in therapy and the progress of your therapeutic relationship. By incorporating the client feedback into your therapy sessions you can identify clients at risk for drop out or deterioration as well as adjust treatment to better serve the needs of your clients.

Session Notes and Outcome reports can be printed or sent via e-mail. Please note that the TOMS only tracks and plots ORS and SRS scores, if you intend to use session feedback to report the effectiveness of treatment, we recommend you upgrade to the MyOutcomes® Mobile application.

MyOutcomes® provides advanced behavioural algorithms that allow for accurate reporting of treatment effectiveness for children, teens and adults. It includes multiple language translations, as well as couple and group session options teens, and adults.