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MyOutcomes® has developed a simple, innovative outcome-tracking tool that is feasible for frontline clinicians to use with every client. MyOutcomes® utilizes PCOMS evidence-based, trans-theoretical scales for monitoring the quality and outcome of behavioral healthcare services and has been successfully implemented in a wide variety of service settings, with diverse clinical populations, all over the world.


  • Innovative outcome-tracking tool provides real time analysis of client improvement
  • Intuitive consoles and dashboards offer at-a-glance identification of at-risk cases
  • Interactive graphs allow for comparison of multiple feedback sources
  • Simplifies administration with 20 different language options
  • Accepts administrations from tablets, smart-phones, computers and manually scored paper administrations
  • Instant and advanced outcome reports are available for individuals, providers and programs
  • Data can be exported in CSV and XLS, and imported from other PCOMS based programs (ASIST)
  • Web Services meet integration needs and other customization requirements
  • Is currently implemented in a variety of service settings including: outpatient, inpatient, case-management, prison-based, child protection, in home and at work
  • Successfully serves providers globally, every day, as they administer well over half a million surveys into our secure, US and Canadian based servers
  • Is the only registered web-based version of PCOMS included in SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices


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