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MyOutcomes® is an end-to-end outcomes-based solution designed for you.

Created for clients, clinicians and managers.

• Online and offline access
• Mobile App
• EHR integration
• Powerful reporting
• Advanced behaviour algorithms built in

Dedicated customer care.

• 10+ years of outcomes solutions
• Dedicated, in-house IT team
• 24/7 support & FAQs
• Live customer support

Gold standard best practices.

• 10+ years of outcomes solutions
• Developed by key opinion leaders
• The first web-based outcome tool designed for everyday
clinical use
• Evidence-based, scientifically proven
• Best practices in outcomes measurements

Unparallel training and implementation support.

• 10+ years of outcomes solutions
• Feedback-Informed Treatment (FIT) eLearning
• On-site Certified FIT Trainers
• OnTrack Agency Implementation
• FIT Deliberate Practice eLearning
• StreamLine EHR Integration Service

Security and privacy assured.

• SSL encryption
• HIPAA compliant
• PIPEDA compliant
• GDPR compliant

Powerful reporting at your fingertips.

• Session by session Immediate feedback
• Traffic light feedback system
• Predictive algorithms power reporting
• Case Alerts and Key Performance Indicators
• Customizable Report Parameters
• Print ready reporting
• Excel export
• More Reporting options than you can imagine

The Gold Standard In
Web-Based Outcomes Measurement Applications

Powerful reporting and management functions at your fingertips.

Gold Standard

  •   Developed by experts in PCOMS
  •   Built by experts in online   education and technology
  •   1.5mm administered   applications
  •   Available in 20 languages
  •   SSL encryption
  •   HIPAA compliant
  •   PIPEDA compliant
  •   GDPR compliant


  •   Printable dashboards
  •   Enhanced data point   information
  •   Enhanced data aggregation
  •   Isolation functions
  •   Advanced graphing and   reporting
  •   Export feature for statistics   fields
  •   Validity indicators
  •   Statistical plotting
  •   Excel integration

Outcomes Measurement

  •   Outcome Rating Scale (ORS)
  •   Session Rating Scale (SRS)
  •   Children’s Outcome Rating   Scale (CORS)
  •   Children’s Session Rating Scale   (CSRS)
  •   Group Session Rating Scale   (GSRS)
  •   Session-by-session data   collection
  •   Toggle options for SRS and   GSRS


  •   Free Mobile App (Android and iOS)
  •   Client self-administration   features
  •   Remote access
  •   Multi-level security access
  •   On-line & Off-line mode
  •   Read-only access
  •   Clinical notes
  •   Customizable aggregate stats report
  •   Expected treatment response benchmarking

The Best Outcomes Solution For Your Healthcare
Agency or Independent Practice

Features of MyOutcomes®

  •   Digital Administration
  •   Automatic Scoring
  •   Feedback Signals & Basic RCI Reporting
  •   Advanced Behavioural Algorithms
  •   Offline Mode
  •   Clinical Notes
  •   EHR API Integration
  •   iPhone/iPad App
  • Android App
  •   HIPAA Compliant
  •   PIPEDA Compliant
  •   GDPHR Compliant
  •   Customer Service Live, Phone, Email
  •   10+ Years in Business
  •   Free Access to Training Resources
  •   NHS Innovations Award 2015
  •   Standardized ELearning (CE accredited)

“I like using MyOutcomes® because of the ability to analyze outcome data for different subgroups and client subgroups within an organization. I also appreciate the openness of the IT team to improving the software to make it more user-friendly in assisting with easier analysis of rating scores for tracking progress and alliance from session to session.”

Michael Koo, Provincial Clinical Coordinator
BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program

MyOutcomes® Pro for Agencies

MyOutcomes® Essentials For Sole Practitioners

Powerful outcome measurements

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The most advanced behaviour algorithms and resulting changes in PCOMS.

Providing simple, valid, and reliable tools to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment since 2008, MyOutcomes® simplifies the use of ROM in clinical settings with advanced behavioral algorithms that go beyond measuring average change. Research from multiple randomized clinical trials has shown how this simple, transtheoretical approach as much as doubles the effectiveness of treatment while simultaneously reducing costs, drop-out rates and deterioration. Understand the new benchmarks of clinical effectiveness.