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The app offers a user interface in 8 different languages and is used in 28 countries around the world to routinely monitor and improve therapy outcomes and treatment effectiveness.  It is normed for all ages, and with 20 language translations, it works with diverse populations resulting in more meaningful reporting of treatment efficacy.

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We offer web or phone-based consults on how to best utilize MyOutcomes 120 PCOMS assessment options and hundreds of outcome and session reporting features. We also encourage you to take advantage of a coaching session with a seasoned Feedback-Informed Treatment trainer...all for FREE.

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To help overcome the cost barrier that stops some professionals from offering their clients access to the gold standard Outcome and Session Rating tool, we are pleased to announce that we have reduced the price of our online subscription from $228.00 to $199.00. That’s well worth it to help more clients, more often.

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